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For new users:

Our legacy platform is at end-of-life and is no longer available for new accounts and services. Please visit the new ZoneEdit to sign up for new accounts.

For existing users:

The automated migration process is complete. Login is no longer accessible on this legacy platform.

Warning: All service still active on the legacy platform will cease on October 3, 2011!

If your account was not migrated it may be due to:

  • a conflict in email address (an account with your email address already exists on the new platform)
  • nothing to migrate (no active zones or credit balance remaining)
  • or one or more of your zones already exist on the new platform.
Please do not create your own account on the new platform if you wish your legacy data to be migrated. You will not be able to add your zones to the new platform so long as they continue to operate from the legacy platform. However, we can migrate your account if the original problem is resolved. Please contact support to resolve any such issues via our web form at http://www.zoneedit.com/support.html.

Thank you for choosing ZoneEdit!.

RESELLERS PLEASE NOTE: Service for reseller accounts will remain active. Migration of reseller services has not yet begun. These accounts will be notified prior to migration.

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